Condition monitoring solutions for reliability

SPM offers condition monitoring and process optimization solutions for every branch of industry and for all sorts of machinery. On the following pages, you can find a handful of the industries and applications that we work with today and how some of our customers have benefited from our achievements.


SPM offers expertise in condition-based maintenance for various industries. Our focus is providing early fault detection to minimize unplanned downtime and maintain production.

Case studies

Explore SPM's over fifty years of SPM's experience in condition monitoring through industry case studies. Discover solutions for your monitoring needs and experience our innovative technology.

Process optimization

Our patented technologies deliver valuable insights into industrial processes, creating opportunities for increased profitability and business growth through process optimization.

Wireless solution

Powered by Airius, our wireless solution provides real-time insights into your production equipment. Experience the benefits of automated data acquisition, reduced costs, and improved safety.

Industry 4.0

Our high-definition condition monitoring data aligns seamlessly with Industry 4.0, offering smarter insights and enhanced asset performance with ultimate flexibility and connectivity.