HD Technologies – superior condition monitoring effectiveness

High-definition condition monitoring technologies provide exceptional pre-warning times, maximizing the planning horizon for maintenance and repairs. In turn, this enables fully utilizing asset life, cutting repair costs, and minimizing the consequences of unplanned downtime.

In addition to traditional vibration monitoring of gears and bearings, our high-definition condition monitoring technologies can also distinguish signals originating from the production process itself, which can be used to optimize the process.


  • Follow the damage throughout its entire development.

  • Obtain extraordinarily early warning – weeks and even months more than other technologies.

  • Predictive and proactive maintenance with a maximized planning horizon.

  • Identify gear and bearing damages using exceptionally clear spectrums and time signals.

  • Take advantage of HD vibration data for process optimization.


HD ENV enables the detection of gear and bearing faults very early on in the damage process, making it possible to monitor the development throughout the stages closely.


SPM HD – high-definition shock pulse monitoring in a very broad RPM range, including ultra-low-speed applications (0.1 - 20 000 RPM range).

Advanced visualization of condition monitoring data

The ability to present disturbance-free condition data in high-definition quality sets our HD Technologies apart from others. HD Technologies offers the most advanced visualization technology available in condition monitoring.

Cleverly engineered and patented digital signal processing algorithms extract and enhance the signals of interest from dominant, overall machinery signals.

Data in the form of ones and zeros on a hexagon pattern in blue, black and white

High-definition condition monitoring technologies detect gear and bearing faults very early on in the damage process, making it possible to closely monitor the development of the damage through all its stages.