The Easy-Laser product range is divided into three main groups: shaft alignment, belt alignment, and geometric measurement technology. You can usually combine these systems and parts to meet your needs, i.e., laser transmitters, detectors, and brackets. For you, as a user, this gives future assurance and a hard-to-beat financial advantage. Quite simply: extremely cost-effective.

Shaft Alignment-

There is an Easy-Laser® shaft alignment system for every situation and industry, from the most simple to the most advanced, including potentially explosive environments.

Geometric Alignment-

Geometric measurement technology spans an extremely wide field. From relatively simple straightness measurements of a member to considerably more complicated right angle measurements of machine tools and checks of turbines for power generation. The Easy-Laser® systems are excellent for taking all these types of measurements quickly and easily. The universal and intelligent design gives you many application possibilities because the laser transmitter and detectors are designed to be twisted, turned, and mounted in all possible and impossible ways!

Belt Alignment- 

Easy-Laser have a complete range of professional tools for belt transmission alignment (BTA). Choose between “visual” display on targets or digital display. Regardless of which one you choose.