Leonova instruments now available in convenient package solutions

Leonova instruments now available in convenient package solutions

The sophisticated handheld instruments in the Leonova line are now offered in ready-made packages, making it easy for customers to find and select the right package at a very attractive price.

The fixed package solutions facilitate for customers to understand and compare offers, and ultimately select the perfect solution for their route-based condition monitoring needs. Saving time and effort, these packages offer a great and cost-effective opportunity to get started with route-based condition monitoring, supplement an existing condition monitoring toolbox with additional high-performance instruments, or make the transition from other brands.

Leonova Diamond and Leonova Emerald both incorporate the HD ENV and SPM HD measuring techniques for vibration and shock pulse monitoring. The HD technologies are the world’s most efficient condition monitoring technologies, providing crystal clear measuring results and unparalleled pre-warning times.

The instruments integrate with the diagnostic and analysis software Condmaster Ruby, which is included in each of the packages for Leonova Diamond and Leonova Emerald. This comprehensive software is highly effective for managing the various aspects of condition monitoring and vibration analysis.

Designed with our customers in mind, the packages offer increasing levels of functionality, each with the optimum price-to-performance ratio.

For Leonova Diamond and Leonova Emerald respectively, three predefined packages are available. In addition, a package for Leonova Diamond Aligner is also offered. Designed exclusively for quick and reliable shaft alignment, Leonova Diamond Aligner is suitable for most combinations of machinery and coupled or uncoupled shafts.

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