Selecting the right transducer for your application is crucial to measurement accuracy. Any field data collected are only as good as the transducer used for measurement. Available in a variety of options, there is a shock pulse or vibration transducer for every need.


Dual Technology accelerometer

The DuoTech® accelerometer is a single transducer solution used for vibration measurements or shock pulse measurements or both in combination. It provides maximum flexibility to select the best measuring technique for a given type of problem or application. DuoTech is an individually tuned piezo-electric accelerometer delivering excellent performance in a very large area of applications. 

The accelerometer is internally isolated in a Faraday shield providing maximum protection from ground loops and RF interference. It is IEPE compatible and connects to standard vibration inputs via twisted pair cable and MIL type connector. This facilitates easy integration into existing equipment and makes the accelerometer an excellent and cost efficient choice for retrofit projects. The nominal sensitivity is 100mV/g and the shock pulse measuring range is -12 to 75 dB.

Stainless acid proof steel housings and hermetic sealing make it suitable for rough environments.


Vibration transducers

The SOLID transducers are piezo-electric accelerometers of compression type, each individually tuned. Enhanced electronics and improved ambient characteristics deliver excellent performance in a very large area of applications.

The SOLID transducers and transmitters are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Stainless, acid proof steel housings, case isolation and hermetic sealing make them very robust.


Vibration transmitters

The SOLID transmitters provide a 4-20 mA output signal proportional to the vibration velocity, across its frequency range. The output signal can be transmitted to common process control systems like  PLC, DCS and SCADA. The transmitters operate using power from any standard 4-20 mA loop. No additional power is necessary.

Features of the transmitters are unique micro controller design and calibration data stored in the sensor. The measuring range is 0-25 mm/s and the frequency range 2-1000 Hz.

The SOLID transducers and transmitters all come with top connector for fast and easy installation. A special SOLID transducer with side connector is also available for use in rough industrial environments where moist and water may cause equipment problems.


Triaxial vibration transducer

The triaxial vibration transducer is a rugged, high-impact, low noise accelerator with broad frequency response (Z axis 2-10 000 Hz, X and Y axis 2-7000 Hz).

It is hermetically sealed, has ESD and EMI/RFI protection, and is equipped with a versatile M12 connector. The sensitivity is 100mV/g, and the temperature range is -50 to 120°C.

The transducer is suitable for three-channel measurement with the portable instrument Leonova Diamond.



Shock pulse transducers

Shock pulse transducers are used in all permanent SPM installations for bearing monitoring. They are installed in countersunk mounting holes on the bearing housings. A shock pulse transducer converts the shock pulses emitted by the bearing into electric signals. SPM supplies different versions of shock pulse transducers with several adapters and tools for installations anywhere.

The standard SPM shock pulse transducer is the 44 000.


Safety and Security


The SOLID line of transducers is completed with a range of composite material connectors for TNC, 2-pin and SMB cables. Benefits such as corrosion resistance, vibration dampening and weight reduction make this design far superior to metal connectors.


Secure Installation

To further secure the installation, we supply twisted pair cables and uncovered, acid proof stainless steel conduits. These are protective covers slipped onto the cable and fixed to the transducer at the connector.

Stainless steel cable clips are available for holding the conduit. For protection of cable joints from moist and water, a stainless, acid proof steel service box is available.


EX Versions

DuoTech, Shock pulse and SOLID transducers, transmitters and connectors are also available in EX versions, approved under the ATEX directive, for use in potentially explosive atmosphere.

The functionality and performance of the EX proof products are identical to that of their base model counterparts.