Training Courses 2019

SPM Academy trains executives, supervisors, production personnel and maintenance personnel who are involved in different ways in mechanical condition monitoring. The objective is to enable you to obtain the information that is critical to your production in plenty of time, so that you can avoid expensive production stoppages. SPM Academy offers standardized courses as well as customized training.

Dates for 2019


SPM UK Level 1 Training Course (3 day)

This course is the first level of the SPM certified training courses offered by SPM Academy. The course is an introduction to condition monitoring and indented for maintenance & service engineers working in a plant environment. It covers the basics of shock pulse and vibration techniques, emphasising practical implementation and hands-on use of the portable Leonova instruments and Condmaster software. Basic evaluation of shock pulse and vibration measuring results will be carried out.

12th-14th March

10th-12th September


SPM UK Level 2  Training Course (3 day)

The training is intended for engineers involved in more advanced analysis, and focuses on SPM HD Expert and Vibration analysis (EVAM). It contains practical hands-on training using the Leonova products. Analysis tools available in the Condmaster software will be covered. The participants are expected to have basic vibration analysis knowledge equivalent to ISO CAT I/Condition Monitoring Analyst Level 1

11th-13th June


SPM UK Advanced On-Line Training Course (2 day)

 This training course is intended for the more advanced user. This course can be focused around the online (Intellinova) systems but can be tailored towards the customers requirements.

16th-17th April

8th-9th October


SPM UK  Advanced Portable Training Course (2 day)

Intended for more experienced users wanting to know more about how to use advanced functions of the instrument for diagnostics. Live phase, run up coast down, FRF etc can be taught on request.


25th-26th September 


Please note that on-site training courses can be provided as required.

Course registration

Mail or fax, no later than four weeks before the course starts. Register via phone + 44 (0)1706 835331, For registration via email, please use our online course registration form.

For more information, + 44 (0)1706 835331 or

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